PHOTOGRAPHY:Skills wills finale

Before my age included two digits, I knew I would be a photographer. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Western Kentucky University, the Best Photojournalism Department in the world. I also have a ton of experience, in a number of areas, including documentary work (including FEMA) journalism, events, and portraiture. Additionally, I have a tremendous amount of experience in imaging editing in a variety of fields.


A natural companion piece to photography, I began working in Graphic Design while attending Western Kentucky University. Initially, I began doing pagination, as well as creative design, for student publications in college. In addition to newspaper work, I have also worked for magazines, designed websites (including a decade’s evolution of this one), corporate branding and logos, advertisements, marketing materials, illustrations, presentations, and generally anywhere I could place my creative spin.



In addition to digitally generated design, my creative muse struck before my first memories. I have always painted, drawn, and in general, thought visually. I currently spend much of my free time paining or working with my husband our home, which we are restoring to flip.


Tech savvy, and a quick study, I have used MAC, PC, and Linux based operating systems.


I’ve proficient with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Acrobat, etc), as well as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). I also have also used numerous predecessor programs, such as QuarkXPress, Freehand, Corel Creative products, etc.


Though I have never held a position which require creating social media content as my main responsibility, I have actively used social media in a number of roles as a marketing tool. I have a lot of experience with Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.
Additionally, I was able to learn a lot more about analyzing social media and web presence in a recent contracted position, using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Hootsuite, Offerpop, Survey Monkey, and Track Maven.


Unique to the creative mind, I am also a very detail oriented, Type-A, planner who enjoys orchestrating large scale projects. Managing offices and creative teams has frequently sublimated freelancing income. I have a wealth of experience, earned by working in a number of arenas, making me very versatile and an efficient problem solver.


flyingIt’s more than fair to say that despite the fact that I’m slightly introverted in my own time, I have successfully worked closely with people in a multitude of situations since the age of 14. From camp councilor, to Public Relations Lead and everywhere in between, I understand professional demeanor. I also know how to tailor my personal attributes for the best fit in a position. Coworkers constantly note my confident and trustworthy demeanor both on the phone and in email,
determined can do-attitude, sense of accountability, and my dedication to the job at hand. Those who have worked closer with me could also tell you that I’m great in a crisis, and have a dry, quit wit, which I monitor closely. I strongly value an environment in which all team members are most concerned with contributing their best work to the job at hand, avoiding ego and inner office politics in order to focus on getting things done.


  • Have you ever judged a beauty pageant at a nursing home while taking awesome photos of the contestants?
  • Have you ever answered a 20 line PBX system for a 4 star hotel during a hurricane?
  • Have you ever taken a photo order in a language you barely spoke?
  • Have you ever correctly identified mostly incorrect song lyrics, then promptly sold a cd to the drunk person who sang to you?
  • Have you ever sold baby photos to someone who had a baby less than 24 hours ago?
  • Have you ever talked your way onto an ocean racing boat that goes over 150 mph in order to interview and take pictures of the captain?
  • Have you ever convinced someone not to sue your company with free drink coupons?
  • Have you ever convinced someone who thought they had a letter covered with Anthrax to take a picture on their digital camera and email it to you for the cover of tomorrow’s paper during a lock down?
  • Have you ever taken pictures at a town hall meeting while the mayor of the city tried to incite a riot?
  • Have you ever convinced Intel to do a story on your company?
  • Have you ever taken photographs of an infant in the final moment of their life per request of his family?
  • Have you ever located a fugitive politician, then dispatched a reporter and photographer to make the cover of tomorrow’s paper?

raftingdayaI have done all of these things, and so many more you wouldn’t even believe, as a professional in one position or another.—A personality test once revealed that I should have been a hostage negotiator.—Above all things, I know interpersonal relationships are about getting to yes without losing your cool. Ironically enough, I appear to annoy people the most by NOT becoming agitated or dramatic.
Bottom line: You never know what life will bring tomorrow, but you can decide your open to it and enjoy the ride.